29 Gifts

banner - 29gifts in 29daysRecently, I read a book that has changed my life in so many positive ways, it is called, “29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change your Life.”  As I read this memoir, by Cami Walker, I was moved in more ways than I can even begin to tell you.  The similarities between Cami and I, both being 33, and both having Multiple Sclerosis (MS), was helpful to me in making an instant connection with the book.

In the beginning of the memoir, Cami is dealing with being very recently diagnosed with MS, day-to-day life with MS, not to mention all of the hospital trips that go along with the diagnosis.  Cami struggles with finding a life balance, until her friend, Mbali Creazzo, who  happens to be an African medicine woman, gives Cami the prescription to give away 29 gifts in 29 days.  “By giving,” Mbali told her, “you are focusing on what you have to offer others, inviting more abundance into your life.”

Below is a video from Cami’s website which explains her book in further detail.

Cami has free downloads to keep track of your giving, click here for the journal.  Cami’s website has a plethora of information, I highly  recommend going to it and checking it out!  Click here to go to Cami’s website!

I have decided to give away 29 gifts in 29 days and see what happens.  My first gift was to give my friend Saffron this book.  I am very excited to see what happens as I proceed!  I hope you all join me and let me know what your progress is!

To get started, I checked out a few of Cami’s favorite gifts:

  • Help a stranger in need
  • Hand out flowers to random people, just to make them happy and make there day special
  • Call a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while just to talk
  • Make dinner for your partner, family member or friend

Here are a few that I came up with:

  • Go to a nursing home and volunteer
  • Do a friends dishes or laundry
  • Listen to a friend/family member “vent” about personal issues
  • Help clean a friend’s house

Cami suggests that instead of planning out your 29 days of giving, that you let opportunities present themselves.  Also, this isn’t about being perfect, if you miss a day, don’t worry about it!  No one is perfect!


Happy 29-gift-a-thon!

That’s it for now

~ Kristen ~

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