Perfect Biscuits

Perfect Biscuits! Diane and I were up to our shenanigans again trying to find a recipe for PERFECT biscuits.  We searched and searched, and found a recipe that finally worked for us - so You Are WELCOME!  We did all of the work for you - no, but completely seriously, Cooking Actress came up with an awesome …

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This past Sunday, the Contractor, Diane, Jim and I went to the 33rd Annual Oktoberfest at the German-American Social Club of Cape Coral, Florida and had the most FANTASTIC time!! Every year in October, the club organizes Munich in Cape Coral. The Cape Coral Oktoberfest is the largest party of the year in the community! It …

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Comfort food

Back in January, the Contractor and I wanted my Mother to make us some comfort food.  She offered to make her usual Chicken Parmesan, chef salad, etc., but we wanted something different.  We brought up a particular meal that she hadn't made since November of 1971.  Now, this meal might sound like something basic for …

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