Leave it to Beaver Island!

Next we headed to  BEAVER ISLAND... America's Emerald Isle. It was a long trip, but it was well worth it!! Check out that clear water!! We got to Beaver Island and checked out the surrounding area.  I found out from Discover Beaver Island that... the Island is about 13 miles long and 6 miles wide, about …

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One Fish, Two Fish, Fish Creek

Our next port was one of my favorites, Fish Creek in Door County! We docked at Alibi Dock for one night and the town dock for the other night that we were at Fish Creek. While we were there, Mia Kitty hid out from us under the couch in the soda storage (see pictures below) …

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Top Gun Sturgeon

We got into Sturgeon Bay on a rainy evening, and headed straight to the Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club for dinner, where Jennifer was our wonderful server!  I had a delicious chowder and white fish for dinner.  We woke up the next morning, the clouds were gone and the sun was shining, Jack Jack was the …

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Our next Port was Kewaunee.  We only stayed for a long afternoon, but it was a fun one!  First up, we went to tour the Tug Ludington. While there, a Coast Guard Patrol Boat was in-port.  I got to talk to the Coast Guard folks for a little while about the Patrol Boat and found …

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Sheboygan or Cheboygan??

Sheboygan or Cheboygan??  I was confused too, I thought that there was only one, but apparently, if you are in Wisconsin, you are in Sheboygan (emphasis on the SH) and if you are in Michigan, you are in Cheboygan (emphasis on the CH).  Pronounced almost the same way... just the beginning is a bit different! Below …

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