Our next Port was Kewaunee.  We only stayed for a long afternoon, but it was a fun one!  First up, we went to tour the Tug Ludington. While there, a Coast Guard Patrol Boat was in-port.  I got to talk to the Coast Guard folks for a little while about the Patrol Boat and found …

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Willert Wanderlust 2019

It's that time of year again ~ Willert Wanderlust 2019!  The Contractor, Jack Jack and I are on our yearly Summer Trip!  We took off from our house on July 15 and headed to St. Petersburg to visit friends and family.  From there we headed to Orlando to visit another one of our best friends. …

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Saff & Di

There are some people that just come into your life and fit perfectly.  Those people in my life are Saffron and Diane.  I moved to Cape Coral without a friend in the area.  I knew only my husband and his family.  For the first year, I only went to family affairs and spent time commuting …

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