Sheboygan or Cheboygan??

Sheboygan or Cheboygan??  I was confused too, I thought that there was only one, but apparently, if you are in Wisconsin, you are in Sheboygan (emphasis on the SH) and if you are in Michigan, you are in Cheboygan (emphasis on the CH).  Pronounced almost the same way... just the beginning is a bit different! Below …

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3,000 Questions About Me

I have been known to go on shopping hauls and purchase just about EVERYTHING & ANYTHING.  A few weeks ago, I was at Target and had made a deal with myself to not purchase ANYTHING extra.  I got up to the book area and found a book that I decided I NEEDED for my blog …

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What brings you comfort?  For each person it is something different.  Sarah Jessica Parker recently said that she would wear jeans and a grey sweatshirt everyday for the rest of her life for comfortability - let me repeat that FASHION ICON - SJP would wear jeans and a simple grey sweatshirt in order to be …

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