One Fish, Two Fish, Fish Creek

Our next port was one of my favorites, Fish Creek in Door County!

We docked at Alibi Dock for one night and the town dock for the other night that we were at Fish Creek.

While we were there, Mia Kitty hid out from us under the couch in the soda storage (see pictures below) the first day & then she abandoned ship and climbed a tree the second night – I did not get photos of that adventure… it took us a little while to find her both times!

While walking around Fish Creek, we saw some of the extreme flooding that was taking place.  Jack also decided to take advantage of the flood, and gave himself a bath (see the three photos below) – The Contractor was walking him and Jack Jack jumped right into a big puddle.

Next up, we went to Sister Golden, which is my favorite store in Fish Creek.  I met the owner, Vicki, two years ago (see pictures below) and got to purchase an amazing piece from the “Mineralogy” collection by Theresa Cowan – the ring in the two pictures below.  The rest of the pictures are of some of the pieces throughout there store.  If you get a chance, click here to check out the store!

We continued to walk around the town and checkout more shops…

Until, it was time for dinner… which mean FISH BOIL at Pelletier’s!


Below are some photos and videos from the boil.


They use over 10lbs of salt!!!  Hopefully no one is on a low sodium diet! lol


The fish boil was awesome!  It was delicious!!

The next day we went for a bike ride through Door County’s State Park.





The bike ride was awesome!  We rode all throughout Nicolet National Forest and also checked out the Nicolet Beach for an ice cream for the Contractor and Vern.

After our bike ride, we went for a walk through the Town of Gibraltar. The Township of Gibraltar, is located 90 minutes away from Green Bay, Wisconsin, and includes, the communities of: Fish Creek, Juddville, and Maple Grove.  A description from the Gibraltar website,

Like a scene plucked from a Currier and Ives print, white buildings still stand along the tree lined streets, telling the story of the town’s beginnings as a fishing village. Out on the bay, sailboats glide through blue waters set against a backdrop featuring Peninsula State Park, Chambers Island, and a series of smaller islands.

In the rural areas of town, tradition lives on. Farmers tend to their crops and livestock…working orchards and farm markets offer fresh-picked cherries, apples and other local produce…local artists exhibit their work in off-the-beaten-path studios…and residential areas provide a quiet retreat at the end of the day.

I enjoyed my walk through Cottage Row immensely!  It is gorgeous!  All set back in the forest, quiet the hidden gem to find on my walk.

At the end of the day, we had a great dinner, played some cribbage, I blogged and hung out with Jack Jack.

That’s it for now

~ Kristen ~

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