Top Gun Sturgeon

We got into Sturgeon Bay on a rainy evening, and headed straight to the Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club for dinner, where Jennifer was our wonderful server!  I had a delicious chowder and white fish for dinner.  We woke up the next morning, the clouds were gone and the sun was shining, Jack Jack was the only one not wanting to wake up!

We happened to be at the Yacht Club the day of the Top Gun Poker Run!  It was obvious to all that something exciting was going on – there was a buzz amongst the club that hadn’t been there the night before.  Then, before we knew it, THIRTY “Cigarette” Style boats showed up.  The Captains were all geared up for their meeting/breakfast and the rest of the Crewe were getting the boats ready for the Run!

The Top Gun Poker Run started back in 1993 as the Sturgeon Bay Poker Run.  It was supposed to be the typical poker run with card stops along the Door County coast, but they kicked it up a notch in 2005, rebranded to the Shipyard Marine Run-dezvous and created a poker run that was more of a themed out fun run boating event of the year.  They have added even more quirkiness and added a lot more fun, making it the longest running offshore boating event in the Midwest!  With a new decade of the horizon, they have decided to take it to the next level and add the introduction to the Top Gun Poker Run.

In the event you need more explanation of how this poker run concept works, read below or click here:

A poker run is an organized event where participants usually ride motorcycles, carts, boats, and occasionally even horses, must visit five to seven checkpoints, drawing a single playing card at each one, and then travel to the next location, eventually building their complete poker “hand.” The object is to have the best poker hand at the end of the run. Poker run organizers usually develop a unique or scenic route to each of the stops and the run normally takes 2-4 hours to complete. Many times the event has a time limit, however the participants are normally not timed — winning is purely a matter of chance.

I caught these guys right at the correct moment as they started the Top Gun sound tract and they took off for the starting line.  The boats all lined up at the starting line under the bridge in a line so close that they could reach out and touch each other (so we were told – I was no where near the starting line) and then they all started out towards the first poker run card stop.

Next up, we decided to go on one of MANY bike rides… I only took a few tumbles (or ate it, as I put so eloquently in the video) on the path, but didn’t hurt myself too badly!

After the bike ride we headed out the Sonny’s Italian Restaurant for dinner.  I tried to talk over all of the noise, but unfortunately, you can hardly hear me 😦 – the view is pretty awesome though!

My Glass had a pretty neat map of Door County on the side of it – unconventional I know, but thats me!!

Jack Jack even had a little ice cream!!

When we got back from dinner, the Top Gun Poker Run had just completed and the After Party (including “find the gift cards in the foam”) had just gotten started!!  They were partying ’till the wee hours!!

The flooding continues…  And we thought Sheboygan was bad…


Buh-Bye Sturgeon Bay!!

As we were leaving we saw the Coast Guard Cutter Mackinac in a dry dock being worked on at Bay Shipyard.  The dry dock is actually big enough that they were building a ship behind the CGC Mackinac.

That’s it for now

~ Kristen ~

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2 thoughts on “Top Gun Sturgeon

  1. momklub

    Wow Wow Wow Looks like you are having a blast. I am sooooooo happy for all of you. Enjoy!! It seems like a trip of a lifetime. Love you all Lois aka Momklub


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