The Windy City

Made it to our first destination, Chicago!  We met some family at Maggiano’s and had the best time, eating and telling stories of our road trip!!  It was so much fun visiting with Jennifer and Carl!

We left Maggiano’s and headed to the Contractor’s hometown of, Wonder Lake, Illinois.  It is simply breathtakingly beautiful here, it looks like you are in a Disney movie.


We spent some time just having R&R (like an hour) and then headed back to the city, where my Mother-in-Law surprised us with tickets to the Broadway show, Cats!  This was such a fantastic surprise and I felt so lucky to get to go to such a great show with my family!!

The show was SPECTACULAR!!  My favorite song from the musical is The Magical Mr. Mistoffelees.

The theater was gorgeous, it is called the Oriental/Nederlander Theater (it used to be called the Oriental, but has been renamed).  Below is a video of the entrance area.

My Mother started taking me to shows when I was a young child, since we lived in Long Island, right outside of NYC and all of the Broadway shows.  Cats was the first show I ever saw in the City, and has always been my favorite show.  It brings me back to my childhood and such great memories!

After the show, we headed back to Wonder Lake and continued to get ready for our six week boat trip!

That’s it for now

~ Kristen ~

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