Well, its been WAY too long since I’ve sat in front of this keyboard last.  I thought I’d take a break from blogging for the holidays, then the next thing I knew, it was April… UNACCEPTABLE!

Jumping, back into things, I thought I’d write about something that I am taking into great consideration lately, perspective.

A lot of times when I get overwhelmed I have to remind myself that its just a matter of tweaking perspectives in order to adjust my way of thinking.  If not, I get into a negative mood, and attitude, then I end up spinning my wheels in negativity and bring my mood down even further.  By changing perspectives I can adjust my attitude and open myself up to new positive opportunities.  Simple as asking myself a few questions I can quite literally, “turn my frown upside” – as cheesy as that sounds.  I found this list of questions that help me change my perspective.  A few of my favorite questions are:

  • How could I do things differently next time?
  • How can I find gratitude here?
  • What’s the most self-compassionate choice I can make?
  • Is this nourishing me?
  • How can I transform this challenge into an opportunity?
  • What are the pros and cons?
  • Is this expectation realistic?

It really didn’t sound realistic to me, but it really is as easy as keeping myself in check and asking myself questions whenever I get overwhelmed with negativity.  Someone that I have found really positive to read/listen to (BIG fan of is the author, Rachel Hollis.


In the book, Girl, Stop Apologizing. Hollis asks the question, “if not now, when?!”  Hollis made me realize that I was putting off a lot of the activities that I loved for NO good reason!  I stopped doing so many things that I enjoyed doing, and finally realized that I had no good reason for waiting to start up again.  I really couldn’t put it better, so to steal someone else’s words, this book, made me realize to embrace and express who I am without apologizing.

So in conclusion, don’t put your life on hold… I had to learn the hard way.  It won’t happen again!  I have put things into perspective!  Do you have anything similar in your life to this?  Any ideas to change my perspective?  Please tell me all about it!  Please enter your e-mail below to be notified when I post new blog posts!

That’s it for now

~ Kristen ~

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