3,000 Questions About Me

I have been known to go on shopping hauls and purchase just about EVERYTHING & ANYTHING.  A few weeks ago, I was at Target and had made a deal with myself to not purchase ANYTHING extra.  I got up to the book area and found a book that I decided I NEEDED for my blog – right, I NEEDED it?!  I thumbed through the book, “3,000 Questions About Me,” and found it to be humorous, quirky, smart and right for my blog.  I thought that this would be PERFECT for me – I have had a bit of a writers block, so this would be great, right?!

3000 questions about me

I had promised myself to not purchase anything extra, but this was SO NOT the case!  The book went straight into my cart!  I ended up buying the book – amongst other assorted items, but the important item is the BOOK!  This book is awesome!  It has 3,000 questions about everything and nothing – let me repeat that – 3,000 QUESTIONS – to ask and start me thinking!  So, I starting going through the book and picked out a few of my favorite questions.  Below are a few…

  • Q 1523. Describe your “poker face.”
    • I’ve been told that I am stoic, so I would say that my poker face is probably a mix between “resting bitch face” and a stoic stern look.
  • Q 2832. What are you passionate about?
    • LIFE – I am passionate about life and everything in it!  I am grateful everyday that I wakeup in the USA and am able to walk around, see, smell and enjoy everything around me.
  • Q 183. The Beatles or Rolling Stones?
    • BOTH!  I could never pick one of the other!  One of my favorite Beatles songs is  ” I Will”  and one of my favorite Rolling Stones songs is “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”

I am going to continue to read through the book and find interesting questions to discuss in the blog, but wanted to ask if anyone had any questions that they could think of that they wanted to ask me?  Any questions that they wanted to ask the readers of my blog?  Please leave them in the conversation below.

That’s it for now

~ Kristen ~

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