What brings you comfort?  For each person it is something different.  Sarah Jessica Parker recently said that she would wear jeans and a grey sweatshirt everyday for the rest of her life for comfortability – let me repeat that FASHION ICON – SJP would wear jeans and a simple grey sweatshirt in order to be comfortable.


I don’t know about SJP, but a nice home, that is organized and clean is the next thing on my list that makes me feel comfortable.  There is something about living in a clean environment that is uplifting and makes me feel happiest.  Coming home to a nice organized home is just nice!


I am going to combined two of my largest points into one – having a friend or family member to call when you need someone to talk to you.  Sometimes you just need someone to bare your soul to – a friend, family member – to listen, not judge and just be there for you.

phone a friend.jpg

My last point, I am stealing from my Mother, Lois, and that is having nice clean sheets.  A set of clean sheets is so nice and comfortable.  Since I was a young child my Mother, Lois, has treated her children with clean sheets (sometimes warm) once to twice a week.  I LOVE clean sheets.  This week alone, I have changed our sheets three times – because it is calming and comfortable to me.  I know it sounds strange, but I really find it comforting.


Maybe for some its a favorite outfit and for others its a new set of sheets, the important port, is that it brings comfortability.  What brings your greatest comfort?  Is there something that you can’t live without?  Something that you enjoy doing?

That’s it for now

~ Kristen ~

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