Grandma Doris

Emotions matter.  What would the best tribute to a family member be?  I think it should be personal; evoke meaningful stories of passions; speak to the persons past and include their favorite people & pets.


My Grandmother past away yesterday, she was my best friend.  I am not ready to post a full blog on her yet, or any blog for that matter, but I wanted to aim to connect to people at all ages and all stages of life’s circle to impress how important it is to tell your loved ones that they are important and that you love them.  It is never too early or too late or too anything to say it, just say it, because you never know when it will be their time to go onto their next place.

Doris C. Pritchard June 18, 1925 – September 24, 2018


Prayers to all


Blog 21: Boat Day


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