Migraines… aren’t they the worst?!  Seriously though, I seem to get them at the worst possible moments and they seriously just suck.  I am on a slew of meds that allegedly are supposed to halt them from happening, but about two weeks ago I was sitting in a dark room in agony.  This leads me to believe that ALL of these meds could not possibly be doing the job they are supposed to be doing.  We have been visiting my Sister-in-Law and her Fiancé for the past month in Big Sky, Montana, so instead of staying in the house in pain, Contractor took me on a date down to Ousel Falls.


It took us about fifteen minutes to ride our tandem bike down to Ousel Park and then about an hour and a half to hike down to the falls.  For about thirty minutes, we sat in front of the water falls and enjoyed the water.  The refreshing noise of the rushing water and the cool mist.  By the time we left, my migraine had FINALLY gone away.  I was lucky this time, which is not always the case.

Below is a diagram I found showing the five top migraine triggers, which I wasn’t aware of.  Hopefully it is helpful to you too!


Do you know of any helpful tips to get rid of migraines?  Anything that helps you?  I’d be willing to try ANYTHING!  What are your top migraine triggers?  Please share below.

That’s it for now

~ Kristen ~

Blog 14: What do you do?

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