My bell has been rung…

My Mother called me this morning and told me that the time has come to pickup my childhood items.  This should be fun, said NO. ONE. EVER!  This project includes going through ALL of the items that have accumulated in storage; i.e.: shoes, clothing, toys, furniture, etc.  I guess you could consider me a bit of a hoarder…  My Mother started reading a book that she has recommended to me called, Buried in Treasure.  Here is a snippet that the authors, David TolinRandy O. FrostGail Steketee have provided,

While most people find it relatively easy to manage their possessions, some find it extremely difficult. If you have a problem resisting the urge to acquire and you find your home cluttered and filled to capacity with items many people would find useless and unnecessary, you may suffer from a condition known as hoarding disorder.

Here is an image of me “trying my best” to go through my clothing and pack… and get rid of stuff…

Finishing packing for the boat trip & listening to "The Shack" – trying to figure out how I feel about it. Thoughts? #WillertWanderlust

Posted by Kristen Willert on Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sooo, if anyone has any recommendations, I could definitely USE them!  Please share below in comments!

That’s it for now

~ Kristen ~

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3 thoughts on “My bell has been rung…

  1. diane

    I dont think im a hoarder. except for sandals . I probably have enough sandals for a frekishly large centipede!
    My husband thinks it crazy.but what he doesnt understand is “A girl has to have more choices then a man.” My husband has 2 pair of shoes and has had them for years. Thats just weird if you ask me. lol

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