If the shoe fits…

I have a serious shoe/clothing obsession.  I thank/blame it on my Mother, Lois – she always wanted me to have shoes that matched all of my outfits, and outfits that matched all of my shoes, which has led me to enough shoes to wear a pair a day for, well a long time and not repeat.

A few months back I challenged this theory, and had a really great time trying out all of the shoes, or at least some of them!

Below is a picture of my shoe closet that the Contractor made for me in order to get my shoes in some sort of “orderly fashion” – hahahaha – righhhht… like all of my shoes where going to fit here?!  Well, it was a nice thought!  You can see some of the shoes that I wore during the shoe challenge below as well.

Here is a little mosaic showing SOME of the photos from my shoe challenge.  If you click on the image, you can zoom in and check-out each image.


If you want to make a similar mosaic, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Mosaically
  2. Create a profile
  3. Upload a main image
  4. Upload whatever images you want in the mosaic
  5. Mosaically.com does the rest!

Well, that’s it for me!  Do you know of any other neat sites that do any other fun photo “things”?  I am always looking!  Have you ever done a fun challenge, just to do it?  If so, what was it for?  Please post below!

That’s it for now

~ Kristen ~

Blog 8: Perfection

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