SO… sew…

After I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I couldn’t walk & I was blind in my left eye.  It took about six months for my vision to come back, and to re-learn to walk, but I was kind of lost to say the least.  I was no longer working, I was unable to do a lot of what made me happy and I had hit a major wall of depression.  After my first stint in the hospital, I was left with about 25 different medications.  SO, not only was I heavily medicated, I was depressed.

I seemingly didn’t care about anything, but then, the anxiety came and I cared too much about EVERYTHING!  My Mother instantly realized that something had to happen.  She whipped into action and tried to get me into some kind of activity – first came the knitting lessons, which were a MAJOR flop.  Then my best friend, an Army specialist, came to visit and cheer me up.  She did EVERY Pinterest arts & crafts activity that I had EVER been interested in – up to and including the crayon melting project.  She really raised my spirit.

Then my Mother brought me to visit some family in Michigan and I learned my true passion, sewing.  I learned how to sew on my Aunt’s 1958 Singer 403 Slant-O-Matic sewing machine.  This machine changed my life.  I visited for a week and learned all about the machine and how to sew.  My Mother went online, found the same exact machine and purchased it for me.

Who knew back then that a piece of metal from 1958 would have such a life changing moment on me?!  I still have my Singer, but now have upgraded and own a number of Viking sewing machines and a Viking serger.  I now sew everyday.  I decided to start selling some of my pieces in a local shop in my hometown.  Below are a few examples of a few of my pieces & a photo of me in front of my store setup:



Do you have anything similar in your life to this?  Any life changing events that occurred that seemed so minuscule, but ended up being huge?  Please tell me all about it!  Please enter your e-mail below to be notified when I post new blog posts!

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~ Kristen ~

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5 thoughts on “SO… sew…

  1. Diane Opdycke

    I’m amazed everytime I see another sewing project that Kristen has made.
    She is such a perfectionist .
    You can see the pride she has in each and everything she makes.

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  2. Lois

    The blogs are fantastic! I am honored to have been mentioned in them. Thank you! Keep up the great writing. You are very talented. It is not fair that you are so talented in so many ways. You make the rest of us look pathetic. Best of luck with your blogs. Love you to the stars ✨ Mom

    Liked by 1 person

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