Believing the impossible…


Before I ever thought I could get started back on my creative path, my family was urging me to get going.  So, I thought it was only sensible to introduce my immediate support squad…

Household of Support

My biggest supporter is my husband, whom, I will refer to as the Contractor.  Contractor is my everything – he is my other half and makes sure I don’t rock the boat too hard with my crazy ideas, and trust me, I can come up with some pretty crazy ideas.  Below is a picture of me & Contractor on a trip to Frankfort, MI.

Then, we have our animals…

I am definitely the dog person of the house, and LOVE my two little guys, Spumanté & Jack Jack, or as we affectionately refer to them as Manté & Duckie.  Manté is an 11-year old chihuahua and Duckie is an 11-month old yorkshire terrier.  The two of them are quite the pair, kind of an odd couple to say the least.  Manté wants to relax and just lay around, while Duckie want to play ALL day and be the puppy that he is.


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Contractor is the cat person of the house – although I love our three little kitties, everyone knows that the cats prefer the Contractor.  Boots is the head of the heard, he was a kitten when Contractor found him at a job site & brought him home.  Although, he was a feral cat, he was quickly transformed into our lovable kitty and voila now he is the head of our pack.  Then, we adopted two kittens, Goose & Stella…

We went to adopt one kitten, but, WELL, it was buy one, get one free kitten, and then it was half off of the price of the first one, sooo I convinced Contractor that we NEEDED to get both of the spunky kitties that I fell in love with, Goose (all grey) & Stella (orange).  They are now about three years old & indoor/outdoor cats.


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So, that is my immediate family – trust me I have a MUCH larger support system that has been pushing me along the way, which we will get to later, but I don’t want to have this go too long.  I could go on allllll night, but thats it for now for me.  Now, please tell me all about your support systems.  Any important people/animals in your lives?  I LIVE for cute animal photos, so BRING them on!!  Please share and like my post as well, I want to get the conversation started – nothing better then a good convo to get the party started!


That’s it for now

~ Kristen ~

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